Designed With Purpose

Posted on November 18 2018

Designed With Purpose



Tmbr wooden watches are crafted and designed to be an everyday watch that can be worn on your wrist to the office or around the house. The design of the wood watch from the strap to the dial is centered around quality, comfort, and bringing out the wood grain to compliment other parts of the watch. What makes crafting wooden watches so unique is that each watch is truly one-of-a-kind because of the variations in texture, grain and tones of the wood.


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Wristwatches and analog clocks may seem like a piece of the past, but we’re of the belief that every modern man should own and wear a watch. Whether to keep track of the day’s events, to accessorize, or for the rare occasion that someone without a smartphone politely asks for the time, wristwatches are still fashionable. Many are also sustainable.

Using the most natural woods and materials from around the world, these brands design and create beautiful timepieces, distinct to each owner. They also give back—to social good organizations and environmental initiatives, making your watch purchase that much more meaningful.

Instead of checking your phone for the time, invest in a sustainable wooden watch. Sleek, comfortable, and perfect for work and play, these watches deserve to be a part of every man’s wardrobe.


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Over time we gained more experience and clearer picture of what is the best combination and balance for certain timepiece.  There aren’t many luxury Swiss watchmakers polishing their woodwork skills to create the next big thing in horology so we had to find through experience what works best. Wooden watches are largely natural, and this is the greatest point of difference as they’ll age and weather over time, adding uniqueness and character.


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If you’re the kind of man who likes to feel connected to the outdoors even when you’re stuck inside, then a wood watch may just be your ideal accessory. Not only do these timepieces have the ability to add a little nature into your everyday life but they’re also completely stylish and unique. The unusual watch material is sure to add an edge to any of your outfits, making these wooden styles a great addition to your wardrobe. On top of that, these unbeatable wood watches also tend to be lightweight, eco-friendly, and affordable!


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