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Our Story

We began our journey by merging two of our life’s passions together; our respect & love for nature, and our desire to stand out with a truly unique collection of timepieces.  Time passed by and our idea was becoming more of a reality.  Taking our time to design, learn how to craft quality pieces and a considerable amount of time spent on researching on different wood materials and it's properties.


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We finally created and handcrafted what we believe to be a perfect combination of wood and style. A selection of elegant and trendy styles  made of sustainable wood materials to suit every watch enthusiast and quality seeker. 


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At nuOriginals, we believe in giving back to our Mother Earth. That’s why we are proud to have partnered with Trees For The Future with goal of not only giving back, but giving back more than we take.  For every watch sold, 10 trees will be planted in its place.  What better feeling than to know your new watch will help sustain the environment.  It certainly warms our hearts!


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