Handcrafting and Nature

Posted on November 18 2018

Handcrafting and Nature



For each product, we take an individual approach. We believe that true craft is able to offer much more than a mass production. Our products have a soul and a piece of heart left inside them by their author and their hands.


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 We take great care in creating attractive and modern look for our wooden products thus all products are finished by hand to ensure the best quality. 

We design them ourselves, and we try to give a unique character to these ordinary things. We pay particular attention to their functionality and ergonomics by appropriately adjusting the parameters such as weight and dimensions. It is also important for us to end them well; careful treatment makes the finished product gain a high quality.


At nuOriginals our goal is to make every timepiece stand out in it's unique way. To achieve this goal we combined many criteria such as design, craft, mechanics, esthetics, quality wood and many other, making each watch unique. But there is one thing that unites them, purpose. Being nature and watch lovers ourselves we wanted to combine both worlds in to a timepiece that represents nature, style, beauty and quality. After months of design and development our goal became a reality, we made our first nuOriginal watch.


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nuOriginals handcrafts wooden watches by giving new life to dead wood. We appreciate how an Artist can take something in its rawest form and give it new life (Reincarnation ), recognizing that the process to any masterpiece requires Time. By only using dead wood we ensure that our art comes to you both naturally and guilt free. With our foundations set in Nature and New Life, we have ensured that we plant 10 trees for every nuOriginal wooden watch purchased from our website.


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Love of Nature

Our love of nature comes from our early age and outdoor adventures. Living in Canada known for it's beautiful nature and amazing number of national parks. Being arguably the world’s premier destination for nature lovers and outdoor enthusiasts, boasting an extensive national park system that’s virtually unsurpassed in terms of its sheer size, beauty and diversity. Whether you’re in search of soaring mountain peaks, verdant forests, glistening glacial lakes or stunning coastal scenery, you’ll be met with expansive stretches of pristine nature, an intoxicating raw wilderness feel and endless opportunities for active adventures. What’s more, you’re very likely be able to enjoy all of this without the crowds found in similar spots south of the border. 


Our favorite piece of nature are probably Alberta mountains. It is one of the most beautiful places on earth without a doubt. Every time we go there we find ourselves with an unease to leave and great desire of staying. We therefore decided to take a piece of them with us and carry some at least a fragment of it. It would probably be very odd to carry a random piece of wood around with you so we figured to make it in to something nice, something with sense and if possible something practical as well. Thus, the idea of wooden watch came and nuoriginals was born.


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